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Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
in the tropical Andes
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Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
in the tropical Andes
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Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
in the tropical Andes
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Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
in the tropical Andes

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OUR Vision

Scientific research for the sustainable use of natural resources in the tropical Andes

The International Laboratory BIO_INCA develops knowledge, technologies, and methods in support of science-based solutions for socio-economically and ecologically sound uses of natural resources in the tropical Andes.

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Our objectives

The main objective of the BIO_INCA lab is to promote the emergence of an operational and interdisciplinary research platform between Colombia and Ecuador that will provide nature-based solutions for cultivated and natural plant systems of the Andean region (highlands and foothills).

The research engendered by this structure aims to link basic and applied sciences, with the objective to propose concrete solutions to the adaptive management of natural and cultivated plant ecosystems.

Our ultimate goal is to foster the sustainable use of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity and food security and sovereignty in the region.

Our scientific agenda​

Biodiversity characterization

The characterization of cultivated and wild biodiversity and the genetic exchange between both systems

Biological interactions

The study of biological interactions among plants, microorganisms, arthropods, and humans etc.

Ecosystem services & nature-based solutions

The study of ecosystem services and search for nature-based solutions

Tools & formation

The development of innovative eco- and bioinformatics tools and training programs.

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Our team has roots in the history of scientific cooperation between IRD and both Colombia (Universidad de los Andes) and Ecuador (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador) in the fields of biology, ecology and agriculture, which started in the late 1990s and matured during the 2000s. Our core group is made up of about 50 scientists from Colombia, Ecuador and France with solid experience and diverse expertise (from genomes to socio-ecosystems) in the study of natural and cultivated plant systems in the tropical Andes.

South-South collaboration​

The most important goal of the consortium is the setup of a pioneering partnership in research and development on biodiversity and agriculture. BIO_INCA will support Colombian and Ecuadorian partners to strengthen their labs and develop their interactions in support of South – South scientific collaborations in South America. The scientific knowledge developed by BIO_INCA aims to support policymakers involved in natural and crop system management in the Andean region.

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Our coordinators

 Silvia Restrepo, PhD​​
Vice-rector of Research
Universidad de los Andes, Bogota
  Rommel Montúfar, PhD
Professor (Associate)
Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito
  Olivier DANGLES, PhD
Director of research
The French Institute for Sustainable Development, Montpellier


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